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“My inspiration for setting up a social enterprise was the heritage of weaving in Orkney. I came to Orkney on a graduate weaving placement in October 2018, and was fascinated with the history of weaving and how it could been revived. Two textile mills, Argarden and Sclater’s were producing cloth which rivalled Harris Tweed in the 1930s, but by the mid-1970s, weaving completely died out, when all commercial weaving stopped. Our main aim as a social enterprise is to revive and sustain weaving by reinvesting back into the community through education and training. We want to ensure the heritage of weaving continues so that weaving can continue on the Island once again.”

India Whitwell

Our Supporters

Orkney Cloth would like to extend its thanks to everyone that donated so generously to our 2019 crowdfunding campaign. We managed to raise enough to purchase a wonderful production loom which has become the mainstay of the business. We have been lucky enough to have been supported at an early stage by various support funders. Without this support Orkney Cloth would not have been possible in its current form.