Orkney Boreray Rib Weave Lap Blanket


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From the first batch of locally produced Orkney Boreray wool, we’re extremely proud to bring you our first hand woven collection using this rare yarn. The collection features a limited run of scarves and blankets in a textural rib weave from our a flock of rare breed sheep on a croft in Orkney and coincides with the release of Jane Coopers book ‘The Lost Flock’, from which the wool fibre is sourced.

The yarn has been rooed, an ancient technique of collected by fleece by hand from Jane’s flock of Boreray sheep. This technique is only possible due to the unique charactaristics of this special breed of Northern European short-tailed sheep and two to their double fleece. We then had the soft fibre spun locally in the most northernly island in the Orkney Archipelago, North Ronaldsay.

We have hand shuttle woven this collection in a textured rib weave to pay homage to the beautiful, textural quality of the wool.

We have used two passes of a special ‘de-hairing machine’ to concentrate as much of the extremely soft under fleece as possible. We are astounded by the softness, and it is the first thing people say when they have felt it! However, as this breed of sheep is a primitive breed, the fibre still contains some hair and kemp, which we think adds to the natural beauty of this product.


Each blanket measures approximately 93cm x 150cm (36” x 59”), with a fringe length of 14cm (5”). The blankets are hand finished using a decorative hem stitch. It is the perfect size for keeping you warm on the sofa on a cold night, or even wearing as a large shawl when braving an Orkney autumn picnic.


The blanket has both the Orkney Cloth and Orkney Boreray label attached.


100% of the money from the sale of this blanket will go back into purchasing Boreray fleece at fair prices to support the amazing farmers and crofters that raise these amazing animals.


We hope you love this product as much as we do. To find out more information about the Orkney Borerary project including details on how to order Jane Coopers new book ‘The Lost Flock’, please take time to visit https://orkneyboreray.com/


We are currently working towards a 4 week shipping timescale. We will try our very best to make this shorter. Do let us know if you require a blanket sooner.




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